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CityBuy was created in 2018 by a small group of F&B experts who set out to solve some of the most pressing issues in the hospitality sector. With more than 50 years of accumulated experience serving Horeca customers, we have developed a single solution designed to increase performance, minimise waste and maximise profitability so that your business can become more efficient and effective.
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Client Feedback
Here’s what our customers have to say about using the CityBuy app
CityBuy have been able to combine the entire market offer in one market place. All solutions are made for Chef and enable time saving. An amazing tool at the service of the F&B industry.
Chef Florinda Moro
Solo Ristorante
Access to a professional F&B market place
Save time, money and resources through one single application
With CityBuy, you can locate and order a vast array of both local and international ingredients in under 2 minutes.
Are you looking for specific cut, breed, or feeding program? A blade? A wagyu? A 180 days grain fed? A dry aged? Our professional product engine will help to search product based on your specific requirements.
Foie Gras & Cold Cuts
What are you looking for? Raw, Cured, Cooked? Jambon de Bayonne, Iberico de Bellota, Jamon Serrano, Prosciutto di Parma, Jambon de Savoie, Iberico de Cebo? You will be able to find all origins and all price ranges.
The largest seafood choice: oysters, lobster, octopus or Patagonian toothfish… you will be impressed by the deep selection of seafood available. We also flag MSC products to facilitate your sustainable sourcing.
Fruits & Vegetables
You will find a large selection of products on Stock or Indent. Season, Origin, Organic, Herbs & Crest, Edible Flower… all key information are clearly indicated to satisfy your needs.
Dairy & Eggs
Where else can you find 1500 cheeses? Are you looking for cheese wheel, cheese platter or fresh burrata. Or you are perhaps looking for a specific region? Finding product and getting quotation as never been so easy.
More than 5 000 ingredients! You are looking for chocolate. Do you mean chocolate couverture, chocolate nibbling, chocolate bonbons or chocolate decoration? Can you please be a bit more specific?
Baguette, Blinis, Breadstick, Brioche, Brownies, Burger… and this is only the letter B! Shall we continue… Cake, Ciabatta, Cookies, Cristal Bread, Croissant….If you find anything missing we will add it immediately on our list.
Culinary Specialties
Salad, Pizza, Sandwich, Samosa, Dim Sum, Spring Rolls, Wraps, Quiche… We offer a fantastic choice of ready to serve solutions well adapted for Café , Bar or Catering.
Grocery & Rice, Pulse, Grain
How many pasta type are available in the market? And what about Spread & Jam? CityBuy can answer any question in 2 seconds! And by the way, if you are into the molecular cuisine you will find all ingredients here.
Seasoning & Oil, Vinegar
You need spices or herbs? You can search by product, by brand, by distributor and more! A fantastic level of details on products, on producers and farm! You just want to know what goes in your kitchen!
Here are thousands of wines covering all producing countries, key regions, “appellations” but also vintage back to 1946! From more exclusive brands to great solution for your wine by the glass.
Beer & Cider
Are you looking for a Pilsner? An IPA, a Stout or a specific format (keg, can, bottle…)? Here is the tool you were looking for to design your beer selection and to offer to your clients the choice they deserved.
Alcohol & Spirit
Now we are talking. The most complete range of alcohols one could expect. Whisky, Sake, Cognac, Armagnac, Gin, Vodka, Tequila… And please let us know if we are missing something. This is your tool.
Non Alcoholic Beverages
Let’s assume that you are not offering fresh juice to your customers. Well here, you will find great juices but also coffee, tea, syrups, soda or other soft drink. You can also find any price in a second.
Non food
Beside plastic straws, ( let’s stop this please!) you can find almost everything you might need. Hygiene, cleaning, packing, wrapping, disposable, stationary, but also kitchen utensils or decoration.
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